Pompe Disease Life Expectancy, Stymptoms and Treatment
Pompe Disease have identified by Swiss Pathologist Doctor Johannes Cassianus Pompe in year 1932. In this disease glycogen will accumulate inside the lysosome due to
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Pierre Robin Syndrome Life Expectancy- A rare Infantile Disease
Pierre robin syndrome have first described as micrognathia in infants by Doctor Odilon Marc Lannelongue and doctor Maxime Ménard in year 1891. Then in year
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Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome Lifespan – A rare Inherited Disease
Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome have first described by Doctor Pierre Maroteaux and his colleague Doctor Maurice Emil Joseph Lamy in year 1963. For this reason,
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Hirschsprung Disease: Symptoms, Treatment and Causes
Hirschsprung Disease was identified in year 1886 by Doctor Herald Hirschsprung. Also called Hirschsprung’s Disease and congenital aganglionic megacolon. This disease is a rare
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